The Wines of Westeros

The Australian wine industry is in the midst of a ‘grape glut’. Past seasons have resulted in an abundance of cheap wine that most growers cannot sell. The current trend post-wining boom is to either sell bottles ridiculously cheap, or hold the cases in vast reserves.  

So we put our heads together and noticed that wine is not only bought for its price or quality, but also as a marker of occasion.

So we created an occasion that could drink up the surplus of wine and resonate with a lot of people.

We designed 6 red and 6 white labels for each house in HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones and launched just in time for the season finale.  

Then we broke the Internet.

We received over 88,000 unique visitors and more than 430,000 page views to our site within the first few weeks. Plus a whirlwind of media attention from over 100 international news sources. 

By coupling an existing occasion with unique branding, we presented a relevant business solution close to everyone’s lips. Watch this space for updates about where this project will take us next. Beyond The Wall perhaps? 

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