Brian Merrifield

Brian Merrifield 

A well awarded Creative Director and a pretty awesome cook. His adventurous nature comes from a love of food and he'll pretty much eat anything, except panda… well maybe panda.

Brian’s work explored a few places during his 15 year advertising career – mainly Saatchi & Saatchi in NZ and Sydney but also for The Monkeys and most recently Ogilvy.

With over fifteen years experience Brian has contributed to an extensive client list across many categories, including a few that has forced him to get in touch with his feminine side.

Damian Damjanovski

Damian Damjanovski

A smart-ass nerd who also happens to love advertising. Working at Ogilvy, and BMF before that – he strategises and has helped produce award winning work for some of the biggest brands in Australia, including the 2011 "Share a Coke" campaign for Coca-Cola. He likes reading books, correcting people, and playing video games. 

Before entering advertising, Damian worked in the finance industry, where he became infamous for being fired due to a tweet in 2008, well before twitter had become popular.

His passion for technology is matched only by his love of coffee. 


James Crawley

James Crawley

Raised on wholemeal bread and orange juice, James spent his formative years inventing friends and abusing his parents' dial-up connection.

He’s worked as a wedding photographer, a dish-pig and a grunt in a ribbon making factory. 

Soul destroying jobs weren't something he was particularly keen on – so he spent some time at university earning an extremely expensive piece of paper. It was here that he wrangled a job at Clemenger Harvie Edge, and started working with Jane. 

James has since had a haircut,  and figured out that he was good at something. He’s won a modest sack of awards while working on clients like Coca-Cola, American Express and Qantas. 

Jane Burhop

Jane Burhop

Little is known about the origins of Jane Burhop. Some say she hails from that weird part of the internet, others believe she was born with purple hair.

Despite all this, she managed to sneak into the advertising industry and has been causing havoc for the past two years.

Half writer, half voyeur, Jane is forever trying to cram more things into her head. Once it’s full, she hopes to be noticeably better at life. Aside from her countless accolades and achievements, she is notorious for hanging upside down when she’s tired.



Alex Don

Alex is Common Ventures’ Senior Account Director.  Aside from his obvious charms, Alex not only wrangles and woos the pants off our most valued clients, but he also plays Golden Eye on the hardest level.

As our resident expert on everything, Alex is our go-to guy for everything important and vague movie references. With a chockas inbox and a calendar to match, Alex also has an impressive collection of nicknames. From Suit, Suity-pants, Chris, The Man In The Ironed Shirt to the more commonly used – Alice, you’d be foolish to used his real name.

After 5 years of 9 till 9 days at Ogilvy and Mather and The Monkeys for clients like Telstra, American Express, FOXTEL, Guide Dogs NSW/ACT, TattsBet and Tony Ferguson, Alex has finally joined the team to help lead our plans in world domination. Mwaha ha ha ha.


Georgie McCarthy

A budding forensic scientist at school, Georgie’s CSI dreams were dashed when she found her true talent was in writing songs and rhymes about lab safety, rather than practicing it herself.

With her head filled with words and a determination to work in creative, she heard we had a soft spot for Latino pop music and ruthlessly exploited it with her uncanny Shakira impersonations. We finally hired her as a Junior Copywriter. 

When she’s not teaching the whole office German or trying to keep her indoor fern alive, you’ll find her filling notebooks upon notebooks with scribbles and words. If you’re in the area you’ll know when she’s in the office – her laugh can be heard from Crown Street.  



Candice Quartermain

Candice is a woman of many talents. She has founded her own start-up, managed the future of innovation for global enterprises and calmed erratic Bridezillas as a professional wedding photographer.

So it's little wonder why she is our General Manager. She handles every situation with the kind of level-headedness you wish was actually contagious. From supporting strat to leading large herds of creative – Candice knows how to kick us into super-drive.

Her work in the tech space has won awards for brands like Adidas, Unilever and General Motors, and now, as the founder of Circular Economy Australia, Candice is taking on the business world – one innovation at a time. 


Jessica Ashton

Thanks to her first job managing adventure stag and hen’s parties, Jess has perfected the art of being prepared for everything and anything early on in her career.

That's why she’s Common Ventures' Production Coordinator. Not only does she have more tricks in her bag than Mary Poppins, but her flair for meticulous organisation means that everyone's always in the know – from the first client brief to the last paid invoice.

While she sometimes finds herself missing English gravy, Jess knows she could never pry herself away from the Sydney summer, or her perfectly co-ordinated timelines. 



Joel Snyder

Born with a Nintendo 64 already in his grasp, Joel was fascinated with technology from an early age. After quickly mastering the Rainbow Road in Mario Kart, Joel knew he wanted to work with the tech responsible for creating those pesky shells and slippery bananas.

Joel studied Computer Science and Technology at The University of Sydney, cementing his addiction to at least 3-monitors on his desk at once. We try not to disturb him when he's coding, but if you ask him about Quantum Computing, you'll never hear the end of it. 

When Joel met James at a party, a 15 second chat turned into an on the spot job offer. Actually the job offer took more like three months, but yes Joel now works at Common Ventures as our resident Creative Technologist.

In his spare time, Joel wins bike races and builds Content Management Systems. 



Sometimes I see a ball and then I run towards the ball and almost all of the time I eat the ball. I also enjoy completely destroying James’ brand new Havianas. 

Everyone tells me I am a good boy but they never let me eat their bacon so I just look intently at their bacon and hope that one day they will give me some or all of that bacon. I have no idea what Advertising is but I am available to come to briefing sessions if you want to meet me. Make sure to bring bacon and fresh Havianans. 

Wally is a Dog at Common Ventures.