There’s a terrible (and completely false) myth floating about ad-land that claims letterbox media is only good for soggy Christmas cards and junk mail. To rectify this injustice, our work with Salmat, letterbox media’s biggest advocate, has had one objective – prove to advertisers that letterbox media is awesome.


The 7 Doors of Salmat

In the first step of our letterbox media overhaul, we wanted to kill the perception that Salmat were pushing a dying media, while also highlighting the many other creative and innovative ways they can help clients find and interact with their customers.

So we created an overarching campaign, to include a leave behind booklet that highlighted the ‘7 Doors of Salmat’ – a quick visual guide, perfect for time-poor agencies, that outlined the 7 main reasons why they know Australian households better than anyone (or any medium).  

What's more, the booklet looked absolutely nothing like junk mail. Or your a birthday card from a distant relative. 

And it worked. In just six months, awareness lifted by 5%.





How Big is Your Big Idea?

It’s a catch-22. Agencies think that letterbox media is a dull medium, so they only think of dull ideas. Agencies only think of dull ideas, so our darling letterbox continues to get a bad wrap for no good reason.

To break this vicious cycle and to prove that letterbox media is as creative as any TVC, we created a parallax site for Salmat’s sales team called How Big is Your Big Idea?

How Big is Your Big Idea? presented all the cool (and creative) things agencies could send to millions of Australians, with extra support from stats and focus groups.

The site effectively earned Salmat a quarter of a million in opportunities and closed sales, and won us two WebAwards. Check it out here


I Wish I’d Thought of That

To get those creative juices flowing with weird and wonderful ideas, you need the right kind of inspiration, and the go-to reference for many agencies are award annuals.

So we teamed up with advertising big-wig and letterbox hero, Patrick Collister to create ‘I Wish I’d Thought of That’, a collection of some of the best and most inspiring letterbox media campaigns to help kick start the creative revolution. 

But we couldn’t just send this book through through traditional means – we had to lead by example. So we attached a large helium balloon to the book and sent it to agencies around the country.

Just by thinking outside the letterbox, we earned Salmat over $1million in opportunities and closed sales, and 700 new leads (and counting).


The I Wish I’d Thought of That Salmat Showdown  

Now that agencies were aware of Salmat, and letterbox media’s creative potential, it was time for them to put brain to paper and prove it.

‘The I Wish I’d Thought of That Salmat Showdown’ was a creative hackathon set to produce the best letterbox media concepts for The Fred Hollows Foundation.

This event allowed Salmat to reach creatives directly, and forced creatives to think long and hard about the potential of letterbox media in an effort to win the cool $10,000 prize, which also included the winning idea being produced by Salmat.

Check out the website here and be sure to apply next year.