Salmat - 7 Doors of Salmat

We were delighted to get the opportunity to work with Salmat on delivery of their first market facing campaign for quite some time. Salmat are best known as the largest catalogue distributor in Australia, reaching over 18 million people. However, they wear a number of other marketing hats that were being overshadowed by their catalogue reputation.

Their main goal was to kill their clients’ perception that they were pushing a dying media, while also highlighting the many other creative and innovative ways they can help clients find and interact with their customers.

We created an overarching campaign, to include a leave behind booklet that highlighted the ‘7 Doors of Salmat’ – a quick visual guide, perfect for time-poor agencies, outlining the 7 main reasons why they are the primary choice for getting access to millions of customer households in Australia. 

Also, in order to push people’s perception of the creative possibilities of traditional mail advertising, we brought together a book of imaginative campaigns to make brands think ‘I wish I’d thought of that’. From an energy company’s ‘glow in the dark’ leaflet, to a biodegradable ‘leaf coupon’ for a natural cosmetics company, we showcased how Salmat’s capabilities can help brands ‘think outside the letterbox.’

The response from Salmat’s clients was phenomenal and they reported a ___ increase in new business, as well as a significant move from their current clients to utilising more of their services.