Campaign Brief: Common Ventures let clients create their own clickbait for Christmas

Much like a last minute gift bought at the petrol station on Christmas Eve, content without any forethought or strategy is kind of crap. At least that's what Common Ventures found out when it conducted an experiment to see what happens when you take all the hard work or 'thinking' out of content creation. 

But like a Yuletide Frankenstein's monster, the quality of its clickbait crap engine output was eerily similar to the kind of inane social content that brands are being charged for everyday. So Common Ventures thought, why not package it up and give it away for free this Christmas?

The result is Merry Clickmas, an online tool that spawns you a range of highly personalised clickbait 'listicles' based on 12 input keywords. And just like a Buzzfeed listicle, Merry Clickmas's vaguely relevant but repetitive clickbait provides little value beyond a spike in traffic to its own page - not theirs. The big difference between Merry Clickmas and Buzzfeed is Common Ventures is not charging for this crap.

Once you've generated your clickbait you can do whatever you want with it; share it to your social channels or privately enjoy how many times you managed to use the word 'willy' in context.


Article found in Campaign Brief