Common V on TV: Gruen

Common Ventures were approached by ABC’s Gruen to pitch a solution to an impossible brief:

Convince Australia that we need our own home-grown royalty. 

We wanted to push our answer, and not just convince monarchists and republicans that home-grown is the way to go, but present Aussies with a new figurehead they  could rally behind. That meant the King Packer and Queen Rhinehart ideas were thrown in the bin. And then burnt. And then never spoken of again.

For our team, the solution had been around for thousands of years – Indigenous Elders.

It made sense. As the custodians of tradition and ceremony, Indigenous Elders play a similar role to that of the British monarchy, except for one important detail – they’re uniquely and 100% Australian.  

Our idea was simple, and most importantly, it felt right. (That’s how you know you’re onto something.)

And the Gruen judges agreed, awarding Common the prestigious Gruen plastic barcode.

Or maybe it was all just because James presented the idea. That guy sure can smile.