B&T: If

Here at Common, we love a good challenge. So when B&T gifted 10 pages of their precious magazine to the whims of our creatives – we knew it was our chance to shine bright like a Kardashian diamond.  

But there was only one problem – there were no restrictions. To the non-designers and art directors among us, this might sound like a nirvana – ultimate creative freedom, right? But the opposite is true. Restrictions breed creativity. Be it budget, ad specs or tagline mandatories, restrictions give creatives a brainstorming starting point and a target to test the effectiveness of their ideas.

So what do you do, when you can do anything?  

We created an advertising activity book. But this wasn’t your run-of-the-mill, back-page of the doctor’s waiting room crossword. We went weird. We went trippy. And we went very, very left.  Our activity book wasn’t functional in the traditional sense. It was designed to help those in adland think differently, and hopefully spark something awesome and unexpected.

Check out our 10 pages of B&T creative freakiness below. If you dare.