Campaign Brief: Common Ventures celebrates Christmas with launch of 'Associate Creative Director' app

In an attempt to reassure you that your projects and campaigns will receive at least some creative direction this holiday season, Common Ventures has created a Christmas iPhone App - "Associate Creative Director". The app is described as a "condescending, low maintenance staff member to help make creative decisions."

The startup agency decided to make the app to help provide some relief for creative teams and creative management alike.

Says Brian Merrifield, creative director: "We know that creative teams often just need that little bit of direction to help them craft an idea to get it to the right place.

"And likewise, we know that when there's no creative director around, there's nothing better than having an Associate Creative Director to state the obvious."


Says Damian Damjanovski, co-founder: "The app was inspired by, and works like a standard magic 8-ball - where all you need to do is shake for a response. In fact, you might go so far as to say, the app is pretty much a magic 8-ball, with adrelated responses."

Users can submit judgements or words of praise from the hallways of their own agency to add them to the list of decisions that ACD draws upon. 

Says Merrifield: "Every Creative Director has their own way of slamming mediocre work or giving a backhanded compliment, so we wanted to let users collect these nuggets of wisdom and share them with the industry as a whole."

The app is freely available on the iTunes App Store - though the team asks that where appropriate, you credit ACD in your award submission forms. With such prolific advice, its ruthlessness will help you win all the awards.

Common Ventures is an independent strategy-lead creative agency founded in September 2012 with a focus on creating awesome things by mixing together science and fantasy.

Article from Campaign Brief