Mumbrella: Actor Jack Thompson lends voice to new Meals on Wheels NSW ad

Australian actor Jack Thompson has teamed up with Meals on Wheels NSW, lending the organisation his voice for their new Community Service Announcement campaign aimed at encouraging donations.

The commercial, created by Sydney-based strategy and creative agency Common Ventures, features dog Archie and his owner Jack and aims to encourage viewers to donate to the charity so it can continue to support people so they can “grow old in their own home”.

NSW Meals on Wheels GM of marketing, Kathryn Dowling, said in a statement: “We are so incredibly fortunate and grateful to have Jack Thompson be part of the new ad which will ensure maximum cut-through whilst on air. We can’t thank him enough for his incredible generosity.

“Our new community service announcement ‘Jack and Archie’ will ensure that not only do we remain relevant but we celebrate ‘life at home’ and how we need to look after our own backyard and our local communities.

“Even though we are an established brand, we just don’t have the magnitude of funds as other charities have and we have to look at new ways to gain maximum cut-through in an extremely competitive landscape”.

Common Ventures co-founder Damian Damjanovski said in a statement: “Meals on Wheels are fantastic to work with, and face some unique challenges. They’ve been around forever, and everybody has a story about them. Yet we’re often too busy supporting more fashionable charities to help those around us who’ve contributed so much to this country.”

The campaign launched in the week before Christmas and will run on TV and in cinema throughout early 2014.

Article found in Mumbrella