Meals on Wheels - Jack & Archie

Meals on Wheels is an Australian charity who offer more than what their title suggests. Beyond the delivery of meals to the elderly and disabled, their services are more personalised and community inspired than people originally think. Meals on Wheels wanted to communicate the importance and significance of their organisation in helping people continue to live independently in their homes.

We created a campaign featuring ‘Jack’ an elderly recipient of the service, and ‘Archie’ his canine companion who has lived in their home almost as long as Jack has. By appealing to people who would happily donate to animals but not normally think about donating to the elderly, we were able to effectively represent the Meals on Wheels message that they are about more than just a meal. 

Voiced by legend Jack Thompson, the new direction came to life through television, cinema, online, and social media. The results granted Meals on Wheels the biggest donation surge in their history, and continues to drive donations. 

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