Adshel - How Summer Is Your Ad?

Another project we worked on with Adshel, was how to increase advertising spend during the traditionally barren summer season. Out-of-home advertising spend tends to tail off during the sunnier months, but with people being more inclined to spend time outdoors, surely advertisers are missing out on the best time to invest outside?

We created a website database called ‘How Summer Is Your Ad’, where we collated all Adshel’s outdoor advertising campaigns and sorted them under several search terms. The result is a customisable search engine where you can refine criteria by several properties, including colours and moods, industry and season.

When you cross-reference this with consumer behaviour, the results can be powerful. For example, FMCG companies advertise less in summer, but that’s when consumers say they buy more FMCG products. Or the predominant colours used in summer advertising are blue and red, so why not choose something else to stand out from the crowd? 

This search tool provided seasonal insight for Adshel’s clients making it easier for Adshel to grow their sales in the typical downtime of the year.

So how summer is your ad?