Adshel are Australia and New Zealand’s go-to when it comes to out-of-home media. Their placements are everywhere you are – train stations, bus stops, and street corners. The problem was, advertisers were still favouring the same old TVCs, print ads and radio spots over OOH. So just like any good 90s rom-com, we gave Adshel a make-over, and helped them get the girl, erm, we mean talk to ad-people.

How Agency Are You?

With days filled with soy lattes, ironic t-shirts and curated moustaches, it’s easy to see how advertiser’s can live in their own bubble, oblivious to the realities of everyday Sydney. Adshel's network extends far beyond where ad-folk live and work – so we needed an campaign which convinced the industry to get its head out of the sand, and book the media where the audience is.

To prove just this, we created an online quiz called 'How Agency are You?' for advertisers to test their ad-bubble and find out exactly how out of touch with Sydney they truly were. With more than 3000 industry folk taking the survey, the campaign exceeded all expectations.

How Summer is Your Ad?

Out-of-home advertising spend tends to tail off during the sunnier months, but with people being more inclined to spend time outdoors, surely advertisers are missing out on the best time to invest outside?

We created an interactive tool called 'How Summer is Your Ad?' where we collated all of Adshel’s outdoor advertising campaigns and sorted them under several search terms. This resulted in a customisable search engine where advertisers could refine criteria by several categories, including colours and moods, industry and season.

How in Love with Advertising Are You?

Why are advertisers still booking TVCs, designing banner ads and recording radio spots when year after year, audience numbers are declining? Are advertisers so besotted with advertising, they can’t see the truth behind the big budgets?

After the success of last year’s quiz, How Agency Are You?, we came back for round two by asking the people of ad-land 'How in Love With Advertising Are You?'